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The Italian Chef

Focused education, hands-on experience in preparing food.
Well versed in adjusting ingredients and taste to accommodate varying tongues cultures. Excellent communication skills used to describe, train chefs into modern cooking tecniques and food combinations.
Innovative and creative with presentation of food, specialized on maximizing time, save costs and remain organize during busy operation. Expertise on menus preparations weddings, private dinner, wine dinner, corporate events and others in Private locations, Restaurants, Hotels and resorts.
Delegate and supervise duties of trainees, monitore usage of raw material cost and safe food handling procedures.
Manage proper execution of recipes.
Work alongside management and accounting to maintain inventory and finances into budget guideline.
Plans and executions of restaurantand kitchen equipment.

The Italian Manager

Originaly from his home town of Trieste, Alessandro joins The White Box with over 10 years’ experience, and a deep love for food. In his new role as Restaurant Manager of The White Box, he is keen on showcasing his vision for the authentic Italian dining destination with a distinctive boldness…

Love brought him to the beautiful and romantic Vienna. He began his journey as an Assistant Bar Manager at the five star DO & CO hotel. Besides his main role of looking after the Onix, Alessandro played a vital role in organizing the catering for a variety of sporting events across Italy and Spain, such as ATP Tournament, F1 Grand Prix and the Champion League. After two years, he shifted to the Café Rochus in Vienna as Restaurant Manager where after three years, he made the move to the prestigious Boca Grande in Barcelona, followed by his That’s Amore in Vienna.. Other than the knowledge gained through working and deepen it at the F&B Academy in Vienna, Alessandro is greatly inspired by living across five culturally diverse countries and ten cities such as Ibiza, Barcelona, Vienna, Milano, Roma , Dubai and now Phuket.

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